Myths & Misconceptions About an Abortion

By definition, abortion is the procedure to end a pregnancy. Depending on the length of pregnancy and personal preference, an abortion can be done via a pill (medical abortion) or surgery (surgical abortion). Abortion is legal and readily available in Singapore, but despite this, several misconceptions still exist, which should ideally be cleared up. 

Here are some of the most common myths about an abortion:

  • Abortion causes infertility: Data has shown that safe and legal abortions administered by authorised medical professionals do not affect fertility, including a woman’s ability to ovulate. It also shows that women actually quickly revert back to their pre-pregnancy fertility after an abortion. On the other hand, backstreet abortions in unsafe environments may cause damage to the woman’s reproductive organs.
  • Abortion is dangerous: Abortion is considered as one of the safest procedures as long as it is handled by a licensed and experienced doctor. Women who have an abortion are also found to have lower health and safety risks than women who go through pregnancy and childbirth.

  • Abortion triggers emotional stress: Sadness or grief is normal for women after having an abortion, but this temporary emotional state does not create lasting psychological effects. Many women confide that going through an abortion brought them overall relief and admit that they made the right choice, even if a difficult one. This is contrary to women who are denied an abortion, as they develop stress, anxiety and potentially even other health and financial issues. 

  • Abortion causes breast cancer: It has been found that abortion does not increase risk of developing breast cancer.

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