How Much Does an Abortion Cost in Singapore?

Having an abortion is a personal decision. In Singapore, regardless of a woman’s reason for undergoing the procedure, she can request for abortion services at any time, as long as it’s before the 24th week of pregnancy. A major factor of concern is cost. Fortunately, the cost of an abortion in Singapore varies depending on several factors, so women can have more choices to choose from to suit their budget and needs. These factors include: 

  • Type of Abortion – In Singapore, an abortion may be done using pills (medical abortion) or via surgery (surgical abortion), depending on the length of pregnancy, and partly due to preference. Medical abortion involves taking medicines to induce labour, thereby resulting in uterine contractions that expel pregnancy tissues. It can only be done on pregnancies less than 7 weeks. For pregnancies up to 24 weeks old, the surgical route is needed. This involves methods such as vacuum aspiration to gently suck out pregnancy tissues from the womb and using instruments like a curette or forceps to ensure that the womb is completely emptied. 

    A surgical abortion is more expensive than a medical abortion. However, its advantages include being much safer, more predictable, faster, and more comfortable. 
  • Type of Facility – The cost of an abortion in Singapore can depend on whether the procedure is done in a private or public hospital or clinic. Generally, private facilities charge more for the procedure; however, they are usually better equipped to provide more personalised and speedier care. The cost can also increase if additional procedures or tests are required.
  • Age of Pregnancy – The gestational age of the pregnancy plays a key part in which type of abortion procedure is most suitable. This is because a medical abortion is only safely possible up to a certain gestational age; and a surgical abortion also becomes more complicated and expensive as the pregnancy progresses. The earlier the pregnancy is terminated, the lower the cost of an abortion is going to be.

In conclusion, the cost of abortion in Singapore can vary depending on several factors, including the type of procedure, the clinic or hospital chosen, and the gestational age of the pregnancy. Women should carefully consider these factors and choose a provider that best fits their budget, needs and preferences. 

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